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    • Life of Cats:<br>Selections from the Hiraki Ukiyo-e Collection

      Life of Cats:
      Selections from the Hiraki Ukiyo-e Collection

      Friday, March 13 — Sunday, June 7

      Japan Society Gallery hosts a major exhibition that focuses on cats in ukiyo-e prints. The exhibition is divided into five sections: Cats and People, Cats as People, Cats versus People, Cats Transformed and Cats and Play. 90 ukiyo-e prints in the exhibition are on loan from the esteemed Hiraki Ukiyo-e Foundation whose holdings are revered in Japan. Select prints, paintings, sculptures, and other works borrowed from U.S. collections complement these prints, making the exhibition over 120 artworks. With cross-cultural and multi-generational appeal, Life of Cats takes viewers on a wild ride through Japan’s love affair with our feline friends.
    • Scandal


      Tuesday, March 31, 7 PM

      Shirley Yamaguchi (Yoshiko Yamaguchi) plays a beautiful concert singer, who happens to meet an artist—a debonair Toshiro Mifune—in a hot springs area. Stalked by a scandal rag, their chance meeting is mistaken for a tryst and soon becomes the center of a highly publicized legal feud. Directed by Akira Kurosawa.

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    • The Naoshima Symbiosis for the Future: Art, Architecture and Nature

      The Naoshima Symbiosis for the Future: Art, Architecture and Nature

      Wednesday, April 1, 6 PM

      For over 20 years, Benesse Art Site Naoshima has created a unique cultural landscape where architecture and art resonate in harmony with the nature of the Seto Inland Sea. For the first time at a symposium in the U.S., project initiator Soichiro Fukutake will speak about the history of this unprecedented initiative its underlying philosophy. Three of the architects involved - Pritzker Prize recipients Kazuyo Sejima and Ryue Nishizawa as well as Hiroshi Sambuichi - will be present to showcase their much acclaimed on-site realizations.
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    • The Sun Also Rises?: Japan’s Potential in The Post-Crisis Global Economy

      The Sun Also Rises?: Japan’s Potential in The Post-Crisis Global Economy

      Thursday, April 2, 6 PM

      Where Japan has led, the western world has largely followed, with manufacturing losing competitiveness, financial sectors hitting trouble, technological change challenging old industries, and ageing demographies imposing heavy burdens on public finances and productivity.
    • No Regrets for Our Youth

      No Regrets for Our Youth

      Friday, April 3, 7 PM

      Akira Kurosawa’s first postwar film is a powerful denunciation of fascism and a hopeful celebration of democracy set amidst the political violence of the late 1930s. The film’s political stance hinges on the growth of Yukie Yagihara (Setsuko Hara), the daughter of a liberal college professor. She is caught between two potential lovers, one a timid liberal and the other a militant radical bent on action.
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    • Late Spring

      Late Spring

      Saturday, April 4, 4 PM

      Often considered Yasujiro Ozu’s postwar masterpiece, the film also cemented Setsuko Hara’s reputation as the “eternal virgin.” Here she plays the daughter of a widower who is intent on marrying her away as soon as possible.
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    • House of Bamboo

      House of Bamboo

      Saturday, April 4, 7 PM

      A typically tough thriller by Samuel Fuller. Despite its traffic in Cinemascopic stereotype, House of Bamboo remains one of the best American films shot in Japan.
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    • The Importance of History: Yukio Okamoto on Addressing Japan’s Past

      The Importance of History: Yukio Okamoto on Addressing Japan’s Past

      Monday, April 6, 6 PM

      Yukio Okamoto, a foreign policy expert and former Special Adviser to Prime Minister Hashimoto and Prime Minister Koizumi, has been appointed to a special committee to help the Abe administration decide how Japan will confront its past and address controversial historical issues. In this evening lecture, Okamoto discusses how Japan should effectively address these issues domestically and internationally.
    • Recitation of Short Stories by RODOKU Class

      Recitation of Short Stories by RODOKU Class

      Saturday, April 11, 2 PM

      Join the Japan Society Language Center Spring Rodoku Class for a recitation of short stories with Chiyo Abe (Fuji Television Announcer)! Free and open to the public.
    • Nihongo Chat

      Nihongo Chat

      Wednesday, April 15, 6 PM

      Join Japanese-language students and native Japanese speakers at this informal gathering to practice Japanese and English! Anyone at any language level is welcome to attend.

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