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    • Left-Right-Left


      Friday, October 13, 7:30 PM
      Saturday, October 14, 7:30 PM

      Aesthetics of the past, present, East and West meld together in Italian director/choreographer Luca Veggetti’s Left-Right-Left, which explores the point of intersection between Japan’s 14th-century noh tradition and today’s efforts in dance. Performed in English.
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    • Noh Music with Genjiro Okura

      Noh Music with Genjiro Okura

      Saturday, October 14, 10:30 AM

      Genjiro Okura, Grand Master of the Okura School of kotsuzumi (small hand drums), will lead a workshop on the unique musical accompaniment found in noh theater.
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    • Finding Zen: Uncovering Meaning in Art & Artifacts

      Finding Zen: Uncovering Meaning in Art & Artifacts

      Wednesday, October 18, 6:30 PM

      Dig beneath the stereotypes and explore the profound ways in which art and artifacts can illuminate Zen thought with specialists Pamela D. Winfield and Steven Heine, co-editors of Zen and Material Culture
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    • Employment & Antitrust Law & Immigration Issues under the Trump Administration

      Employment & Antitrust Law & Immigration Issues under the Trump Administration

      Thursday, October 19, 8 AM

      How will the Trump Department of Justice deal with antitrust concerns including price fixing, the sharing of wage and benefits data, and "poaching" employees between competitors? We will also discuss immigration enforcement and compliance as the Trump administration rolls out its "America First" agenda, and the increasing "us" versus "them" dynamic prevalent among international corporations doing business in the U.S. This program will introduce best practices to limit division and maximize teamwork within multi-cultural organizations under the Trump administration.
    • Shichigosan: Celebrating the Health of Children

      Shichigosan: Celebrating the Health of Children

      Saturday, October 21 — Sunday, October 22

      Celebrate the growth and good health of children ages 3, 5 and 7 through the Shinto ritual of Shichigosan ("seven-five-three" in Japanese). 3- and 5-year-old boys and 3- and 7-year-old girls of all nationalities and religions, with accompanying adults, are invited to participate in this traditional celebration.
    • <em>Kampo</em>: Ancient Holistic Remedies for the Modern World

      Kampo: Ancient Holistic Remedies for the Modern World

      Wednesday, October 25, 6:30 PM

      Kampo (herbal Japanese medicine) practitioner Dr. Yuko Nozaki, founder of Ido Holistic Center, joins us to reveal the history, practice and uses of these herbal formulas in Japan and the world today. Followed by a reception.
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    • Rikyu-Enoura


      Friday, November 3, 7:30 PM
      Saturday, November 4, 7:30 PM
      Sunday, November 5, 4:30 PM

      Hiroshi Sugimoto, acclaimed visual artist and traditional Japanese arts connoisseur, offers his most recent noh piece. In this new play, the ghost of revered 16th century tea master Sen-no-Rikyu appears to tell the story of his tragic death by forced suicide. Performed in Japanese with English titles.
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    • Hanjo


      Thursday, December 7, 7:30 PM
      Friday, December 8, 7:30 PM
      Saturday, December 9, 7:30 PM

      Based on a 14th-century noh play with the same title, Hanjo, by provocative Japanese author Yukio Mishima (1925-1970), is a timeless tale of love, loneliness and betrayal. Performed in English and Japanese.
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    • Mugen Noh Othello

      Mugen Noh Othello

      Thursday, January 11, 7:30 PM
      Friday, January 12, 7:30 PM
      Saturday, January 13, 7:30 PM
      Sunday, January 14, 4 PM

      Following a sold-out run of Medea in 2011, Satoshi Miyagi and his company SPAC return to New York with another literary masterpiece, Othello. Miyagi re-tells Shakespeare’s famed tragedy through noh theater’s most distinct storytelling structure, mugen noh. Performed in Japanese with English titles.
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    • Theater Technique with SPAC

      Theater Technique with SPAC

      Saturday, January 13, 1:30 PM

      SPAC training, which incorporates the methodologies of Satoshi Miyagi and Tadashi Suzuki, includes intensive practice in vocalization, physicality and rhythm. During this workshop led by SPAC company members, participants will learn body exercises required for SPAC’s unique voice production. Professional movement experience required.
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