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    • Gamera 3: Revenge of Iris

      Gamera 3: Revenge of Iris

      Saturday, April 8, 7 PM

      Starting in 1995 with Gamera, the Guardian of the Universe, Shusuke Kaneko rebooted the Gamera tokusatsu series with a new trilogy starring the title flying giant turtle. The third film, Gamera 3: Revene of Iris, which mixes ancient folktales about monsters asleep in mountains with modern fears about scientific horrors, is the best of the lot—one big reason being the monster-versus-monster battles created by effects supervisor Shinji Higuchi (Shin Godzilla) intended to frighten and awe, not amuse with campy antics.
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    • Say Sayonara to Long Hours: Work-Life Balance in Japan and the U.S.

      Say Sayonara to Long Hours: Work-Life Balance in Japan and the U.S.

      Wednesday, April 12, 6 PM

      This program focuses on the professional life and appropriate working styles for increasing productivity and efficiency. Speakers discuss how organizations are responding to increased work-life balance concerns, as well as their personal stories and insights on balancing family, work, and life. The panelists also examine what kind of programs and policies are needed in order to achieve a healthy work-life balance that allows both men and women to succeed at home and in the workplace.
    • Connoisseurship: Erotic Prints <em>Shunga</em> and <em>Abuna-e</em>

      Connoisseurship: Erotic Prints Shunga and Abuna-e

      Saturday, April 22, 10:30 AM

      Learn about selecting, collecting and appreciating Japanese erotic prints (shunga and abuna-e) and other Edo-period arts in this special workshop. Collector Lou Forster (Japan Society, Board of Directors) moderates a discussion with ukiyo-e specialist Dr. Sebastian Izzard (Japanese Art Society of America, Board of Directors) and other experts on identifying fine-quality prints, and also shares some examples of abuna-e from his own collection.
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    • Godzilla Legend—Music of Akira Ifukube

      Godzilla Legend—Music of Akira Ifukube

      Friday, April 28, 7:30 PM

      Japan’s forever-young techno-pop band Hikashu, together with special guests, showcases the remarkable range of music composed by Akira Ifukube (1914—2006), who was known for creating some of the most memorable aural moments in cinematic history.
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    • Trump's Economic Policies & Impact on Japan

      Trump's Economic Policies & Impact on Japan

      Monday, May 1, 12 PM

      How will Trump’s policies affect trade and economics? Would Trump’s economic policies make America great again? How will it affect Japan’s economy? What will happen to the U.S.-Japan alliance? In this program, speakers examine Trump’s economic policies, and break down what these policies mean for the United States and Japan.

    • Free Trial Japanese Lesson

      Free Trial Japanese Lesson

      Friday, May 5, 6:30 PM
      Friday, May 12, 12 PM

      Have you always wanted to learn Japanese, but were unsure where to start? Come for a Free Trial Japanese Lesson, taught by Language Center instructors. This lesson is structured for complete beginners of Japanese language learning.
    • Children's Day Festival: Kodomo no Hi

      Children's Day Festival: Kodomo no Hi

      Sunday, May 7, 11 AM

      Engage in an interactive modern retelling of the Japanese classic folktale Peach Boy (Momotaro) in this Children’s Day Festival. Children and adults of all ages assemble samurai helmets and other festival related artifacts that will serve as participant props during the performance. This production will be led by CJA and will feature song, dance and audience participation.
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    • Children's Day Theater Performance

      Children's Day Theater Performance

      Monday, May 8, 10 AM
      Monday, May 8, 2 PM

      Elementary school groups are invited to join a live theater performance of Momotaro (Peach Boy), a classic folktale widely read by children in Japan. For invited elementary school groups only. The program is not open to the general public or individual students.
    • An Apprentice Boat Builder in Japan

      An Apprentice Boat Builder in Japan

      Wednesday, May 10, 6:30 PM

      Douglas Brooks, author of the comprehensive survey Japanese Wooden Boatbuilding, joins us to share what he discovered on his journey to fishing villages around Japan, where he interviewed elderly master boat builders and, in six cases, became their last apprentice. Moderated by Dane Owen, founder and owner of Shibui Japanese Antiques and Furniture.

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    • Sake & Cheese Pairing

      Sake & Cheese Pairing

      Sunday, June 4, 2 PM

       Elevate your palate as you discover an appreciation for the subtle flavors of sake and the cheeses that complement it best. At this intimate seated session, learn how to craft the perfect sake and cheese pairings, as experts lead guests through a selection of fine sake and artisanal cheeses. Registration is limited.

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