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Japan Society’s Toyota Language Center offers a variety of courses, workshops and intensives throughout the year in Japanese language and shodo (Japanese calligraphy), among other select courses. Founded in 1972, we are the premiere Japanese language center in New York City. We hope you will study with us!

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Video Lessons

Uki Uki - NihonGO + Culture
Learn Japanese with Japan Society in a series of all new videos! Let us teach language and culture through fun and simple lessons.

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Open Courses

Summer 2016 Intensive Japanese Weekend
These concentrated courses are designed to teach beginners basic conversational skills. They will be useful to people with traveling or schedule conflicts, or those who were too late to register or missed too many of our regular classes.

2016春期英会話教室 (盛夏の部)
Mid-Summer 2016 English Courses

Thirty hours of beginner and intermediate/advanced English as a Second Language (ESL) conversation.

Summer 2016 Crash Course for Travelers to Japan
A quick introduction of the Japanese language and customs to help prepare you for a trip to Japan!

Spring 2016 Japanese-Language Teacher Training Program: Introductory Course
Registration is now closed.
This program is a practical course for those who wish to learn essential classroom teaching skills in order to teach Japanese in classroom or individual settings, and for those who have had little or no formal training in teaching Japanese as a foreign language.

Summer 2016 Japanese
Registration is now closed.
Thirteen levels of Japanese, from beginning to advanced, emphasize conversation, listening, reading and writing. Four kanji courses and specialized courses are also offered.

Summer 2016 Shodo
Registration is now closed.
These hands-on workshop classes will introduce the techniques of Shodō, an art form using a brush and charcoal ink on paper, wood plaques, and fabric.

New Classes

JAPANESE 10-A: Conversation through Manga
Tuesdays, 5/24 – 7/26, 6:10-8:00 pm (10 lessons), (Prereq.: level 9 or above) Instructor: Kurahara
Fridays, 5/24 – 7/29, 12:00-1:50 pm (10 lessons), (Prereq.: level 9 or above) Instructor: Kurahara

Manga is a powerful learning tool; illustrations provide clear contexts and dialogues are written in natural, colloquial Japanese. It's also a great source for learning onomatopoeia. In this new class, we will focus on conversational Japanese through a mixture of contemporary manga, including “Pluto” by one of the most famous manga artists of today, Naoki Urasawa. Other titles may include “Sherlock Holmes” and “Nihonjin no Shiranai Nihongo,” a popular manga series filled with fun and practical tips for native and non-native speakers alike.

JAPANESE 12-A: J-Drama in Action
Wednesdays, 5/25 – 7/27, 6:10-8:00 pm (10 lessons), (Prereq.: level 11 or equivalent) Instructor: Kurahara

Unlike textbooks, Japanese TV dramas provide the unique advantage of seeing language in action. In this class, we will use excerpts of dramas to explore vocabulary and grammar not frequently encountered in the traditional classroom setting, and we will have lively discussions on social and cultural issues relevant to us today. In addition, enactment of short scenes will encourage students to feel the character's emotions and understand the situation more intimately. Students who register for this course are qualified to receive one complimentary ticket to see one of the following Japan Cuts films hosted by Japan Society’s Film Department this summer:「ビリギャル」Flying Colors ; 「僕は坊さん」I'm A Monk ; 「殿、利息でござる」Magnificent Nine.

Support for Japan Society's Toyota Language Center is provided, in part, by Mark F. Goldfield and Mary E. Hatch, Mr. Christopher Hong, William K. Tomita, Mr. Shinjiro Tsutsui, and Dr. Bic Kanayjorn.

All photos © George Hirose.

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