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    • For a New World to Come: Experiments in Japanese Art and Photography, 1968-1979

      For a New World to Come: Experiments in Japanese Art and Photography, 1968-1979

      Friday, October 9 — Sunday, January 10

      In the wake of the social and political upheaval of the late 1960s, Japanese artists and photographers began crafting a new visual language for an age of uncertainty. For a New World to Come is the first comprehensive exhibition to spotlight this radical break with the past. With some 200 works by such luminaries as Miyako Ishiuchi, Daidō Moriyama, Jirō Takamatsu, and Shōmei Tōmatsu, the exhibition charts the stunning diversity of photographic practices during this pivotal era, from conceptual series situated squarely within global artistic currents, to visually arresting meditations on time, place, and self.
    • Ultimate Alliance: The History of U.S.-Japan Economic Relations since 1945

      Ultimate Alliance: The History of U.S.-Japan Economic Relations since 1945

      Tuesday, December 1, 6 PM

      This year, in commemoration of the 70 years marking the end of World War II, it has come time to evaluate the history of U.S.-Japan economic ties since 1945. In this program, Paul Volcker and Toyoo Gyohten, co-authors of “Changing Fortunes: The World’s Money and the Threat to American Leadership,” discuss the importance of U.S.-Japan relations, encompassing several decades, and share their respective visions for the future of international monetary affairs between the two nations.

    • PROVOKE!<br>Black-and-White Party

      Black-and-White Party

      Wednesday, December 2, 8 PM

       An elegant after-hours soirée celebrating Japan Society Gallery’s photography exhibition, For a New World to Come, the Provoke! party takes its name from the influential experimental art magazine of late 60s Japan. Guests are invited to don their flashiest black-and-white attire and enjoy live music, late-night tours, cocktails, dessert bar and the Provoke! photo booth.
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    • Womenomics-in-Action: Opportunities and Challenges Facing Japanese and American Corporations

      Womenomics-in-Action: Opportunities and Challenges Facing Japanese and American Corporations

      Thursday, December 3, 6 PM

      In light of an unprecedented global movement to increase the number of women at the board/managerial level, the importance of diversity has moved Japan and other nations to implement similar women’s empowerment programs. With the movement for women’s equality in the workplace in full swing, we bring together a panel of Japanese and American experts to examine the successes and challenges of corporate initiatives with the intent of fostering women’s empowerment and engagement in the U.S. and Japan.
    • Image-in-Focus: Miwako Tezuka

      Image-in-Focus: Miwako Tezuka

      Friday, December 4, 7 PM

      Start and end your weekend at Japan Society Gallery with these energetic, 15-minute conversations with leading curators, writers, artists, and specialists of Japanese art and photography.
    • Torakku Yaro

      Torakku Yaro

      Friday, December 4, 7 PM

      Bunta Sugawara (1933-2014) is perhaps best known for his iconic performances as tough-guy yakuza characters for Toei studios, but from 1975-79 he also starred in a series of ten immensely popular Torakku Yaro comedy-action films as a crude yet sincere truck driver named Momojiro “Ichibanboshi” Hoshi who chases after love all over Japan – and gets in fist fights and high-speed truck races along the way.
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    • Beijing Watermelon

      Beijing Watermelon

      Saturday, December 5, 4 PM

      Based on the true story of a Tokyo greengrocer who started helping out poor exchange students from China, Beijing Watermelon is a delicious oddity in Obayashi's filmography. While again using his stock cast of actors like Toru Minegishi and Yasufumi Hayashi, he gives the starring role to Bengaru, a journeyman by-player, and keeps his camera at a distance, letting the performers fill the screen with wonderfully anarchic movement and the soundtrack with busy, overlapping dialogue.
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    • The Discarnates

      The Discarnates

      Saturday, December 5, 7 PM

      Obayashi's efforts to revisit the past of both Japan and its cinema are often mirrored by characters who explore their own pasts. As with Tomorrow (1995), The Discarnates takes this to the supernatural level, as a scriptwriter mysteriously encounters his dead father in Tokyo's old Asakusa neighborhood one day and begins enjoying the time with his parents--in the Japan of the late 1950s--that he never had, since they died when he was 12 years old.
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    • Raw Vintage: Camera Technologies

      Raw Vintage: Camera Technologies

      Sunday, December 6, 3 PM

      Explore “pre-digital” camera technologies and experimental darkroom practices in this special primer led by photographer and educator Lester Lefkowitz (International Center of Photography). This seminar throws into focus the cameras, lenses, film, and printing materials that Japanese and American photographers of the 1960s and 1970s relied on – and contended with –  to create some of the edgiest photographs ever shot. You’ll learn how their medium effected their message and how their work compares with today’s magic.
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    • Reason (aka The Motive)

      Reason (aka The Motive)

      Sunday, December 6, 3 PM

      Based on a novel by hit mystery writer Miyuki Miyabe, Reason is a good example of Miyabe's focus on the social causes of crime. What seems to be the murder of a family of four in a high-rise condo turns out to be something quite different, as the pasts of both the killer and the killer's killer are explored, divulging their "reasons."
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