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Here and There

A list of Japan-related events and exhibitions beyond Japan Society.


The Art of Japanese Urushi

Suzanne Ross, Urushi Artist                Takuo Matsuzawa, Joboji Urushi Workshop Co., Ltd.

Organized by Ninohe City, Iwate Prefecture of Japan
At latitude 40°N -New York meets Ninohe, a small town of Iwate, Northern Japan. Join us for a seminar about the beauty and culture of Japanese Urushi (lacquer),originating from Ninohe of northern Japan. Tasting of Nambubijin Nanbu-Bijin, Japanese premium Sake to follow.
Monday, October 6th, 2014
6pm to 8pm (Sake Reception 8pm to 9pm)
at Japan Society
333 East 47th Street, New York, NY 10017
Admission: Free, by reservation only
fax. 646-559-2741
C/O Focus America Corporation
Guest speakers:
" Living Urushi Tradition"
Suzanne Ross, Urushi Artist
A renowned Urushi artist, who has been living in Japan for over 30 years, will be speaking
about urushi history and techniques. Suzanne will also discuss the dangers that face
traditional crafts in this modern age and possible solutions.
“Introduction to Japanese Urushi”
Takuo Matsuzawa, Joboji Urushi Workshop Co., Ltd.
A presentation about Joboji’s Urushi culture.
Coordinated by Focus America Corporation, Sake Discoveries LLC.
Ninohe City Fair in New York 2014

Ryoji Ikeda’s Superposition

Friday, October 17th, and Saturday, October 18th, 7:00 pm
Bring the kids! $1 tickets are available for children (ages 7-16) accompanied by an adult with a full price ticket.
30 and Under Rush: $15 tickets for audience members 30 years and younger when purchased the day of the event. (call the box office on the day for availability 212-570-3750)
(US Premiere)

“superposition throws the historical work of Galileo, Hooke, Jenny and Chladni through a highly technical modern prism, raising philosophical questions around human existence through our modern understanding of the universe at atomic level—with what feels like a fearful outcome.” —Futuresequence
A multimedia music, visual, and theater work at the intersection of art and science, superposition, inspired by the subatomic world, mines the notion that it is not possible to fully describe the behavior of a single particle except in terms of probabilities. The work is an immersive experience, an orchestrated journey through sound, language, physical phenomena, mathematical concepts, human behavior, and randomness, all simultaneously arranged and rearranged in a theatrical arc that obliterates the boundaries between music, visual arts, and performance.

This program is presented in collaboration with the French Institute Alliance Française (FIAF), as part of FIAF’s Crossing the Line Festival 2014.

Tickets to this event include Museum admission.


The Japanese Government’s “Cool Japan” Hotline

“Cool Japan” refers to Japanese products, media and culture that non-Japanese people feel are interesting and distinct to Japan. The Japanese Government wishes to learn what is cool to non-Japanese and  work on disseminating these things further in order to deepen cultural exchange. The Cabinet Secretariat welcomes your opinions on  what things are ‘cool’ from the viewpoint of non-Japanese people but unnoticed by Japanese, proposals on how to disseminate “Cool Japan”, and any other proposals to the Japanese Government that may be helpful for the “Cool Japan” strategy. Please note that the Secretariat will not specifically reply to each opinion or proposal received. We appreciate your cooperation.

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