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Hiroki Komazaki (駒崎弘樹) - President & CEO, NPO Florence

Hiroki Komazaki was born in Tokyo in 1979. He entered Keio University in 1999, and during his studies he joined Neuron Company as a co-manager in 2001, and eventually took over as CEO. He resigned from the post when he graduated, and in 2004, founded NPO Florence. Currently, Komazaki, as the CEO of NPO Florence, creates solutions for “sick-children-nursing.”

“Sick-children-nursing” symbolizes the difficulty of Japanese families to carry the responsibilities of both working and raising children. In Japan, most regular nurseries or day care centers cannot take care of sick children, even if it’s only a fever or cold, and the ones that can only amount up to 2% of all regular nurseries. Even though these capable facilities where parents may leave their sick children are scarce, most Japanese companies do not allow parents to be absent from work in order to take care of them. And moreover, even if parents were allowed to leave work, they wouldn’t be treated fairly after coming back. With the number nuclear families increasing, countless parents are now at a loss of where to leave their sick children. This is the reality of Japanese working families.

Komazaki’s vision is to create “a society where all parents can successfully work and raise children by providing them trustful nursing and caring.” He is unmarried, having neither wife nor child. He had nothing to do with the issue until he heard a story from his mother who was a babysitter at the time. Her client, a gentle young mother, was fired from the job due to taking leave from work in order to take care of her sick son. Komazaki was shocked at what he heard and decided to develop and spread a totally new type of sick-children-nursing by networking local pediatrician and experienced mothers. After listening to the grievous cries of the working parents from all over Japan, he is now working to spread his system at maximum speed. Honoring his achievements, he received “Prime Minister Encouragement Award” in June of 2006, as well as the “Social Venture Business Award” from the Microsoft.

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