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Kensuke Onishi (大西健丞) - CEO, Peace Winds Japan & Chairman & Founder, Civic Force

Kensuke Onishi is the CEO of Peace Winds Japan (PWJ), one of the largest Non-Governmental Organizations in Japan. He established PWJ in 1996 to conduct relief operations for the Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) in the Kurdish Autonomous Region of northern Iraq. Since 1996, PWJ has conducted relief activities in over 15 countries for refugees, IDPs, disaster victims and vulnerable populations, regardless of their ethnic background, political affiliation, religion or faith.

Throughout his career, Onishi has sought to develop partnerships between NGOs/NPOs and private corporations. His goal is to develop ‘civil society’ (a society where the private sector as well as the public sector are responsible for serving public interests) in Japan, where the public/government sector has traditionally had a dominant role. He took a leading role in the founding of “Japan Platform,” an innovative mechanism in which members of various sectors of society (government, private corporations, and NGOs) cooperate in extending humanitarian aid. He currently is Director and Chairperson of Japan Platform.

Onishi was born in Osaka in 1967, and earned a bachelor’s degree in Journalism from the Sophia University in Tokyo. He has an MA in International Politics from the Department of Peace Studies at Bradford University.

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