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Limbon (リム ・ボン) - Professor, Urban Planning, College of Social Sciences, Ritsumeikan University

Limbon has been teaching urban planning at Ritsumeikan University since 1993. His research interest is the “Mosaic theory of cities.” Limbon wants to develop a highly effective housing supply system by establishing methods of analysis to figure out city’s regional residential characteristics using the concept of a mosaic. In collaboration with the city of Kyoto, he developed the Community Balance Model (CBM) to depict vicissitudes of the city. Since 1998, he has been conducting research on value transformation and regional revitalization of minority communities using Harlem, New York and Japan’s Buraku community as examples. He received his doctorate from the University of Kyoto in engineering.

Limbon has won the Grand Prize at an international architectural competition entitled “Future Vision of Kyoto for the 21st Century,” which was sponsored by Kyoto City in 1998.

Limbon is the co-author of several books, including: Public Housing=History and Perspective on Residents’ Activism (Horitsu Bunka sha); Corporations Run by High-Minded Local People and Community (Takasuga Shuppan); Three Generations of New Exchange Communities (Jichitai Kenkyu sha); and Kyoto, Real Residential Area (Tanko sha).

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