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Osamu Maebashi (前橋靖) - President and CEO, M.crew INC.

After finishing high school, Maebashi wanted to follow his dream of becoming a professional surfer and did not get a regular job. He failed in achieving his dream and ended up living on the street. He moved to Tokyo and lived as a homeless person for two years. During that time, he worked as a day laborer at construction sites and for transportation companies. The turning point in his life came when he learned construction skills on his own and started a business dealing with 30 different manufactures and subcontractors. In 1997, he founded a contracting company Trusty Ltd. in Ikebukuro. In 1998, he changed the company name to M.crew INC.. and became the President and CEO. In 2003, he opened the first “Rest Box” in Shibuya, which provides accommodation and helps find jobs for part-time workers and people referred to as “NEET” (Not in Education, Employment or Training). They rent vacant rooms in office buildings and install beds. People who stay at a Rest Box can look for jobs at M.crew. There are 21 Rest Boxes now in Tokyo and annual sales for have reached 7.8 million dollars. Maebashi and his business have received extensive media coverage as a social venture which generates steady profit while contributing to the betterment of the society. He is the author of the book I am a streetwise president.

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