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Yasushi Aoyama (青山やすし) – Professor, Graduate School of Governance Studies, Meiji University

Yasushi Aoyama is a Professor at the Graduate School of Governance Studies at Meiji University in Tokyo. His courses focus on international policy, crisis management and disaster relief, and policy development at the local government level. His courses are attended by mayors, government officials, business-people, policy researchers, and scholars. He is also a Lecturer on the Faculty of Engineering at Tokyo University.

From 1967-1999 Mr. Aoyama was employed in the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, employed in a wide range of departments during his 32 years of service. In 1999 he was made Vice-Governor of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, in charge of finding emergency housing and support in Tokyo for the residents from Miyake Island, where a massive volcano erupted in September, 2000. He retired from government work in 2003 but remains a key advisor to the Governor’s office. In his post-government career, he has become a leading thinker in Japan’s burgeoning non-profit sector, combining years of experience in government work with a public-service mentality. He has continued to lead the successful campaign to support the 4000 residents of Miyake Island, organizing an extensive volunteer network to do so. Now, more than half of the island’s residents have been able to return home and restart their lives there. Mr. Aoyama is also the author of many books and articles on government and governance.

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