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    • Ugetsu


      Friday, April 6, 7 PM

      A haunting and elegant fable about the illusory nature of desire set during the civil wars of Japan's 16th century, Ugetsu seamlessly weaves reality and fantasy together with painterly images that unfurl like scenes from an emaki scroll.
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    • The Artist's Transformation: Recontextualizing Hasegawa Tōhaku

      The Artist's Transformation: Recontextualizing Hasegawa Tōhaku

      Saturday, April 7, 2 PM

      Join leading scholars, including Prof. Matthew McKelway of Columbia University and Prof. Yukio Lippit of Harvard University, as they illuminate cutting-edge research on Tōhaku and the role of painters in Momoyama-era Japan.
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    • Japanese Business Etiquette

      Japanese Business Etiquette

      Tuesday, April 10, 6 PM

      This business etiquette workshop is designed to teach basic Japanese phrases and behavioral skills needed in Japanese corporate environments.
    • Invisible Capitalism: Japanese Capitalism & the Future of Global Capitalism

      Invisible Capitalism: Japanese Capitalism & the Future of Global Capitalism

      Wednesday, April 11, 6 PM

      In this program, Professor Hiroshi Tasaka from the Graduate School of Tama University in Tokyo shares his insights on invisible capitalism in Japan and the future of global capitalism. He also discusses how Japan can contribute to the evolution of capitalism in the 21st century.
    • Japanese Green Tea 101: From <em>Matcha</em> to <em>Sakura Sencha</em>

      Japanese Green Tea 101: From Matcha to Sakura Sencha

      Thursday, April 12, 6:30 PM

      Matcha, sencha, gyokuro, hojicha — how many kinds of Japanese green tea do you know? Learn how to best brew and drink the teas, the health benefits you may expect, and the new trends in the world of tea.
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    • Floating Weeds

      Floating Weeds

      Friday, April 13, 7 PM

      A remake of his own 1934 silent classic about an aging theater troupe actor’s reunion with his former lover and their son, Floating Weeds was Yasujiro Ozu’s first foray into color filmmaking and the only one of his films shot by Miyagawa. Recently restored, the film’s bold colors are given dazzling new life.
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    • Cinematographer, Kazuo Miyagawa

      Cinematographer, Kazuo Miyagawa

      Saturday, April 14, 3 PM

      During this special conversation, Ichiro Miyagawa, eldest son of Kazuo Miyagawa, and Masahiro Miyajima, Miyagawa’s longtime camera assistant, will discuss the legendary cinematographer’s life and work.
    • Rashomon


      Saturday, April 14, 4:30 PM

      Speaking about his international breakout masterpiece, Akira Kurosawa said, “I think black-and-white photography reached its peak with that film.” Visually stunning, Miyagawa’s first collaboration with the master filmmaker is full of cinematographic innovations, including elaborate tracking shots through trees, lighting with mirrors and shooting straight into the sun.
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    • The Rickshaw Man

      The Rickshaw Man

      Saturday, April 14, 7 PM

      This seldom seen classic about a crude but honest rickshaw man who falls in love with an army captain’s widow was Miyagawa’s first film as the director of photography after working many years as an assistant cameraman. Directed by Miyagawa’s early mentor and frequent collaborator Hiroshi Inagaki.
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    • Beyond Tōhaku: Make a Masterpiece

      Beyond Tōhaku: Make a Masterpiece

      Sunday, April 15, 11 AM

      Create your own Tōhaku-inspired masterpiece guided by acclaimed NYC-based artist Tomokazu Matsuyama, as he discusses the impact of Tōhaku on his own practice of painting vibrant, multipanel works.
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