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Angel’s Egg

Monthly Anime

October 14, 2022
7:00 pm

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In-Person Screening

Friday, October 14 at 7 pm

A groundbreaking collaboration between two anime legends that intertwines Mamoru Oshii’s personal reflections on theology, existentialism and evolution with Yoshitaka Amano’s fantastical ink art style, Angel’s Egg remains a rarely screened and hard-to-find cult classic. Taking place in a seemingly quiescent time, two nameless strangers—a girl bearing a mystical egg and a man with a cruciate cane—journey across a primordial realm of decadent ruins, primitive fish and fossilized relics. An allegorical fantasy enriched by symbolism and biblical allusion, Oshii’s beautifully melancholic OVA ruminates on the tragic underpinnings of existence in a world untouched by God.

Dir. Mamoru Oshii, 1985, 71 min., Digital, color, in Japanese with English subtitles. With Mako Hyoudou, Jinpachi Nezu.

Tickets: $15 / $5 members


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Image: © 1985 Mamoru Oshii/Yoshitaka Amano Office/Tokuma Shoten/Tokuma Japan

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