Report From Tohoku April 2012

In the immediate aftermath of the devastating earthquake and tsunamis that hit Japan's northeast coast on March 11, 2011, Japan Society established the Japan Earthquake Relief Fund to support relief, recovery and long-term reconstruction and revitalization efforts in the affected area. Due to the incredible generosity of over 23,000 individuals, foundations and corporations, Japan Society raised more than $12.5 million and currently supports the work of a number of organizations working in Tohoku.

In this video, the work of three of those organizations is highlighted, including JEN, which provides livelihood support in four fishing villages on the Oshika Peninsula in Ishinomaki, Miyagi Prefecture; the Japanese Medical Society of America in collaboration with Iwate Prefecture University Medical Center and many other partners for the delivery of mental health services through Team Kokorogake in Otsuchi, Iwate Prefecture; and the Supporting Union for Practical-use of Educational Resources and its partners to organize and implement the Fukushima Kids Camp, which enables hundreds of children from Fukushima Prefecture to attend camp in Hokkaido during the summer break.


Thank You
JEN, Team KOKOROGAKE and Fukushima KidsFukushima Kids Summer Camp 2011 footage courtesy of Yukio Goto

Cameraman, Satoshi Jimbo
Sound, Hirotaka Igarashi
Director, Haruo Nakamura

Tom Fahy
Op. 5, Étude No. 16;
Op. 5, Étude No. 14;
Op. 6; No. 25 - Heidrun der Flirt in F#;
Op. 6, No. 23 - Maude, I.;
Indian River Sonata '68 by Tom Fahy

Fukushima, by Koyomi (composition, lyrics and voice)

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