Miyashita Sensei - Language Class 14: Like, Understand, Be good at

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In this lesson sensei goes over 3 important verbs and their different levels. Suki (to like), Wakarimasu (to understand) and Jouzu (to be good at). So please try them out whenever you have the opportunity!


Jouzu / じょうず・上手 / to be good at
Suki / すき・好き / to like
Wakarimasu / わかります・分かります / to understand

Basic structure:

(Subject) wa (noun) ga (jouzu/suki/wakarimasu) (desu - with jouzu and suki) conjugate verbs for past/present/negative tense

たなかさんはスキーがじょうずです/Tanaka-san wa sukii ga jouzu desu
Mr. Tanaka is good at skiiing.

たなかさんはスキーがすきです/Tanaka-san wa sukii ga suki desu
Mr. Tanaka likes skiiing.

たなかさんはフランスごがわかります/Tanaka-san wa furansugo ga wakarimasu
Mr. Tanaka knows (understands) French.

Present/Negative/Past/Past Negative:

じょうずです/jouzu desu - (subject) is good at
じょうずではありません/jouzu dewa arimasen - (subject) is not good at
じょうずでした/jouzu deshita - (subject) was good at
じょうずではありませんでした/jouzu dewa arimasen deshita - (subject) was not good at

すきです/suki desu - (subject) likes
すきではありません/suki dewa arimasen - (subject) does not like
すきでした/suki deshita - (subject) liked
すきではありませんでした/suki dewa arimasen deshita - (subject) did not like

わかります/wakarimasu - (subject) understands
わかりません/wakarimasen - (subject) does not understand
わかりました/wakarimashita - (subject) understood
わかりませんでした/wakarimasen deshita - (subject) did not understand


あまり(じょうずではありません)/ amari (jouzu dewa arimasen) - not so good at
だいすき/daisuki - love
とても(すきです)/ totemo (suki desu) - likes very much
あまり(すきではありません)/ amari (suki dewa arimasen) - not like very much
きらい/kirai - hates (does not like, strongly)
すこし(わかります)/sukoshi (wakarimasu) - knows a little
あまり(わかりません)/does not know very much
ぜんぜん(わかりません)/does not know at all

kirai - hate
zenzen - not at all
amari - not very much
sukoshi - a little
totemo - very much
daisuki - love


わかいとき/wakai toki - when (subject) was young

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