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The Japan Society Business & Policy Program hosts public and invitation-only programs for the international business and policy community about the people and issues that define U.S.-Japan relations in a regional and global context. Formerly known as the Corporate Program, the Business & Policy Program offers unparalleled access to international business and policy leaders and in-depth networking opportunities for the senior executives, policymakers, academics, journalists and other opinion leaders comprising the Program member audience. Each year, more than 4,000 executives participate in conferences, lectures, symposia and receptions recognized as invaluable for helping Americans, Japanese and others from Asia and around the world better grasp the financial, business and policy challenges that affect Japan and the U.S.

Video Highlights

A Message of Hope from Japan's Prime Minister Shinzō Abe

Our 2020 Annual Dinner: Reimagined Gala and Awards took place online on June 18. Honored guest Prime Minister Abe provided a special message of hope for New York and all of our global attendees.

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Meet Pepper: The World’s First Humanoid Robot That Reads Human Emotions

Japan is at the forefront of robot technology. Meet Pepper, a Japanese robot that can detect and react to human emotions!

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The Changing Geopolitical Landscape in Asia: U.S.-Japan Alliance Today

Interested in Asian geopolitics and strategy? Learn about the region’s most pressing issues and the role of the U.S.-Japan strategic alliance in them.

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2020 Global Risk Landscape: What Lies Ahead?

What are the global risks at the top of the agenda in 2020? Did anyone foresee the coronavirus coming? Learn about the top global concerns that keep today’s executives awake at night.

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