Summer 2017 Junior Fellows

Jessica Lyn Abele, WA
Marysville Getchell BioMed Academy

Jessica is a high-achieving young lady who desires to inspire those around her to do good. She is Band Student Body President, a leader in her Church Youth Committee and a member of the National Honor Society. She is interested in the study of microbiology, pathology and pharmaceuticals. Her future career goal is to one day become a pathological researcher.

  Sebastian Chang, NJ
Choate Rosemary Hall

Sebastian is an inquisitive and articulate young leader who constantly strives to better himself. He is the co-President of his school’s Art Club and has a strong personal interest for Japanese and East Asian studies. He is currently researching the Japanese social phenomenon of hikikomori for his Senior Capstone project. Sebastian plans to pursue East Asian studies in college and explore an interdisciplinary career path that marries his love for Japanese culture with Foreign Services and international relations.

Aleksandra Gracheva, IL
Stanford U Online HS

Passionate about cultures and people-centered, Aleksandra is an active leader with a natural ability to put those around her at ease. She is a student ambassador for Stanford University Online High School, leader of her school’s Chinese Club and tutors other students in mathematics and Chinese. Aleksandra has a keen interest in Japanese culture, as well as US-Japan relations. Her future career goals involve international relations, in addition to her passion for mathematics and finance. In her spare time, Aleksandra enjoys reading, figure skating and playing tennis.

  Esme Graham, NY
Poly Prep Country Day School

Creative and resourceful, Esme is a skilled writer who manages her own independent history and art journal. She is an active member in her school’s chapter of the Model UN and writes for her school newspaper. Esme’s future career plan is go into either diplomatic or human rights law. In her spare time, she enjoys photography, Crew and creative writing.

Spencer Hodges, NY
Walter G. O’Connel Copiague High School

Spencer is a kind and compassionate individual dedicated to learning and bettering his community. He is president of his school’s gardening club Tree Huggers, where he helped design and build a two-thousand square feet organic garden. Spencer greatly respects and gains peace from nature. He is particularly eager to study the elegant Japanese gardens and learn more about the Japanese values for peace and respect. Spencer’s future career goal is to become a historian and global ambassador managing peace relations.

  Coleman Jackson, MA
Brookline High School

Coleman is a driven young individual passionate about engineering, psychology and chemistry. He is a counselor for his school’s Viking Sports Camp and continuously looks to challenge himself as a leader. Coleman is eager to connect and learn more from professionals in the business field. In the future, Coleman hopes to explore a career in STEM.

Maxwell Li, NY
HS of Math, Science, and Engineering

Max is a natural leader passionate about electrical engineering, programming computers and microcontrollers, and teaching. He is president of his school’s Arduino/Electronics Club and is an active Workshop Leader at E-Waste Warehouse. Max hopes to continue pursuing his love for computers and programming in college and use his skills to solve problems related to environmental and human welfare.

  Nyckole Lopez, NY
The Young Women's Leadership School of East Harlem

Nyckole is an active student leader passionate about social justice and inclusivity on all fronts. She founded her school’s LGBT + Pride club and is co-director of the Social Justice Club. Alongside her deep admiration for visual and literary arts, she is also greatly interested in world history, politics, sociology and mental health. While continuing to nurture her creative side, Nyckole hopes to one day work in the United Nations to implement policies to improve the livelihood of impoverished of communities in Latin America.

Maggie Parham, NY
The Brearley School

Maggie is a people-centered and artistic young lady. She is a School Tour Guide and is presently making application to become a Senior Peer Leader on her campus. Maggie enjoys photography, art history, theater tech, and languages (French and Japanese). In the future, she hopes to pursue a career path involving art, education or international relations. She also wants to become a trained EMT!

  Gabrielle Rahmin, NJ
Horace Mann HS

Gabrielle is a gifted young lady with a big heart for the community. She seamlessly juggles several leadership positions, each one fighting for a meaningful cause. She is leader of her school’s Service Learning Team, director of international affairs at her school’s Ashita-Tomorrow chapter—an organization that aids students affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami—and leader of her school’s chapter of Girls Who Code. Gabrielle’s future career goal is to become an entrepreneur and combine psychology and computer science to better society.

Spring 2017 Japanese Junior Fellows

  Yuno Fukatsu, Tokyo
Showa Women’s University High School

Yuno’s volunteering experience with minority groups in Thailand inspired her to purse a career as an international lawyer who promotes children’s rights. Having a strong sense of social justice, she is particularly interested in education for girls in developing countries and would like to devote her career to improving their situation. Yuno has been an active member of Student Committee at her school and is a dedicated badminton player.

Kodai Hasunuma, Tokyo
Waseda University Senior High School

Positive, cheerful and charismatic, Kodai is a natural leader who has been very active in Student Committee and his school’s international activities. His career goal is to work in an international organization focusing on immigration and international policy making. Kodai is eager to discuss immigration policy with American students. He is also an excellent athlete who enjoys tennis, sport climbing, and rugby.

  Shinnosuke Ito, Aichi
Aichi Prefectural Asahigaoka Senior High School

Shinnosuke has a strong interest in culture and its preservation. As an avid practitioner of calligraphy and seal carving, he plans to study anthropology and work to research and protect the cultures of the world. With his studious and focused demeanor, he wishes to share the mysteries of ancient traditions, particularly classical Chinese characters. He currently serves as captain of the calligraphy club as well as the kendo club at his school.

Daisuke Kuroki, Miyazaki
Miyazaki Nishi High School

Daisuke aspires to work as a diplomat and contribute to his country by being an effective leader for world peace. His interests also include environmental issues and he has done extensive research in this area. Mature, earnest, and a good listener, Daisuke is a trusted leader at his school. He is the captain of the tennis club and a member of the school chorus.

  Momoko Mizuta, Hyogo
Kobe Municipal Fukiai High School

Growing up in a household of educators, Momoko has developed a strong interest in the education of children living in poverty. She explores this and other global issues as a member of the Global Studies Society at her school. During a recent trip to Sweden, she was further inspired to pursue a career in education so she can help improve the educational standard of those living in developing countries. Momoko also enjoys nature and belongs to the outdoor activity club at her school.

Ryuki Nakayama, Kanagawa
Seiko Gakuin High School

Ryuki’s positive, open-minded and highly communicative manner were fostered while he lived in the U.S. as a young child. After his return to Japan, he successfully served as captain of his junior high school's baseball team, leading 80 team members. Currently, he is a promised candidate for President of Student Council. Ryuki plans to study economics at an American university and hopes to be a business consultant who connects Japan and Asia to the world.

  Sae Sato, Iwateo
Kozukata High School

Sae grew up in Tohoku and became an active volunteer fundraiser after the Great East Japan Earthquake. She is eager to contribute to the field of foreign language education by acting as a role model and nurturing younger generations. Sae is a thoughtful listener and a talented pianist.

Shion Shibata, Tokyo
Tokyo Metropolitan Mita High School

Shion’s goal is to become a diplomat who can contribute to Japan and play a role in the global community. Open-minded and focused, Shion leads in a collaborative and harmonious way. She has served as a trusted leader of her school volleyball club.

  Raiku Shiraira, Kanagawa
Yokohama High School of International Studies

A study tour to Cambodia inspired Raiku to pursue a career with international organizations that work in developing countries. His goal is to cultivate more global collaboration in order to improve educational opportunities in developing countries. As an active young leader in his community, Raiku has volunteered in various capacities, including supporting children with autism, donation collection, community clean-up, environmental campaigns, and helping with the Asia sports festival.

Nanako Ueda, Okayama
Konko Gakuen High School

Nanako demonstrates strong leadership as a reliable Student Council President and contributes to bettering the school environment. She is always at the center of all school activities. Her international living experiences in England and South Korea give her a wide perspective and broad interests. Nanako has conducted research on education in Asia and has a strong interest in the field. She plans to pursue a career that enables her to support children’s and women’s educational rights.


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