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Art brings all subjects alive in your class. Visit the Japan Society Gallery with your K-12 students to develop critical thinking and visual literacy while sparking curiosity about the world around them.

Tours and Studio Workshops are led by trained museum educators, who incorporate close-looking, personal connections, collaborations and hands-on activities into every learning experience for both the K-12 student & educator. These participant-centered tours build on your school’s existing curriculum and goals as well as upon Common Core State Standards and NYC Blueprint for the Arts Standards.

Group Tour Fees
(1 hour in the galleries)
Group Tour + Studio Workshop Fees
(1 hour in the galleries + 1 hour in the workshop)
NYC Public Schools: Free NYC Public Title 1 Schools: $100
NYC Private Schools: $75 NYC Public Non-Title 1 Schools: $175
Outside of NYC Schools: $90 NYC Private & Outside of NYC Schools: $275

For Group Tours and Studio Workshops, the maximum group size is 30.


Art of Japan (All Grades)
On this survey tour, students will explore traditional Japanese aesthetics, related spiritual beliefs, and philosophical ideas through engagement with works of art from Japan. A variety of objects will be discussed including ceramics, works on paper and textiles.

Connecting Cultures (Grades 5 – 12)
Discover how ideas and images travel and transform in this cross-cultural exploration of artworks in Japan Society’s Gallery. Explore artworks and objects born of the meeting between two cultures, and learn about the impact of cultural exchange on Japanese art and history.

How is it Made? (All Grades)
Compare works of art in various media through the lens of the artistic process. Tours may explore ancient to contemporary art. Make connections between art and history as you learn about different materials and techniques.

Stories in Art (All Grades)
Every picture tells a story! Some works of art might tell multiple stories, others might just tell a part. Students will explore the ways artists tell stories visually and will discuss elements of storytelling including characters, setting, action, sequence and narration.

Add a Workshop

Schedule an exciting hands-on workshop to enrich your group’s guided tour of Japan Society’s Gallery.

(For questions regarding school group tours and workshops, please contact us at


Get creative! Schedule an exciting hands-on workshop to enrich your school group’s guided tour of Japan Society’s Gallery. Workshops can be scheduled before or after a guided tour and will expand on the ideas and themes discussed in the galleries.


Age of Exploration Art Workshop
Discover the respective techniques, tools and materials used to produce artworks in Japan and Europe during the Age of Exploration. Students will experiment with traditional methods and materials from both Japan and Europe, and make their own works of art using with culturally hybrid forms, materials and techniques. Art supplies include minerals that can be ground with a mortar and pestle and gold leaf. This workshop is offered in conjunction with Japan Society Gallery’s Hiroshi Sugimoto: Gates of Paradise exhibition.

(For questions regarding school group tours and workshops, please contact us at

Student Gallery Tours and the Student Studio Workshop are supported by the United States-Japan Foundation.

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