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Bilingual Kamishibai Mini Library

Kamishibai (Japanese: 紙芝居, "paper play") is a long-practiced form of street story-telling in Japan. Our mini-Kamishibai library offers some of Japan’s most popular folktales featuring Japanese-English bilingual narration. Enjoy this series of fun stories with engaging themes and unique characters! These videos are designed for children of any age, but they are also perfect for students and adults who are learning about Japanese language and culture! 

Discover more of Kamishibai's history here. 

Get carried away to magical and imaginative worlds, with our bilingual kamishibai storytelling videos, featuring popular tales from Japanese folklore! Watch the latest episode: The Three Magic Charms

List of Episodes

The Three Magic Charms (Taberareta Yamanba)   The Three Magic Charms (Taberareta Yamanba)

A young apprentice accepts an invitation for dinner, despite the warnings of his teacher. The apprentice soon finds himself in danger, and must rely on the help of his magic charms to escape!

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Urashima Taro   Urashima Taro

Urashima Taro, a young fisherman, accepts an invitation to visit the Dragon King’s undersea palace.

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Kaguya-Hime   Kaguya-Hime (Bamboo Princess)

Discovered in a bamboo stalk, a young girl reveals a secret after she has grown into a beautiful, young woman.

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Momotaro   Momotaro the Peach Boy

Found inside a peach, Momotaro grows into a boy of amazing strength.

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Issun-Boshi   Issun-Boshi the One Inch Boy

Issun-Boshi proves himself by using his knowledge and strength of character to overcome difficult situations, despite his short stature.

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Many thanks to the generous permission of Kamishibai for Kids for their use of text and illustrations from their Kamishibai. Additional information about Kamishibai is available at the Kamishibai for Kids webpage.

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