Innovators Network


Innovators Network


Japan Society makes real world impact through Innovators Network. Multi-year projects facilitate unique opportunities for leaders and innovators to come together, share knowledge and insight, and catalyze positive social change. Public and invitational events examine new ideas, emerging social trends and issues, and highlight the work of creative and innovative leaders from Japan and the U.S. The Japan Relief Fund, originally launched by Japan Society on March 12, 2011 to aid the survivors of the Great East Japan Earthquake, and now includes relief efforts as a result of the 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake and the 2019 Typhoon Hagibis, is also administered by Network staff.

Hear about the Innovators Network from members Richard McCarthy, Savannah Lyons and Johnathan Hladik.




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The Innovators Network is made possible, in part, by SUMO STEW, Hiroko Onoyama, and Japan Society's endowment for policy projects.

Transportation assistance is provided by All Nippon Airways Co., Ltd.

Slideshow: Photo courtesy of ETIC; Photo © Ben Platt; Photo © Ayumi Sakamoto; Photo © Owen Rojek; Photo © Hiroto Kikuchi; Photo © Betty Borden.
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