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Spring Shodo

Shodō is an art form using a brush and charcoal ink on paper, wood plaques, and fabric. It includes Chinese characters (kanji) and Japanese hiragana. Although it originated in the techniques used for letter writing, with its unique form of expression it has developed into an art genre. Japanese language skills are not required.

2018 Spring Shodo Descriptions and Registration Form (PDF)

Weekday Shodo
Members: $270
Non-members: $310
(Become a member) *
  Weekend Shodo
Members: $320
Non-members: $350
(Become a member) *

*To become a new Japan Society member (or to renew membership) and to register for a course online, please follow the link above to become a member first, and then click the register button to register for a course.

For more details, please email us at To register by phone with a credit card, please call (212) 715-1269.

Single drop-in Shodo lessons may be possible; please contact the Language Center at 212-715-1269 or for more information.

Shodo A, B, C & Weekend: In this open level workshop, beginners will learn the brush strokes used in basic kanji, and more advanced students will have the opportunity to hone their skills. Students at any level from beginner to advanced are welcome to register.
書道A, B, C及び週末:初級、中級、上級、どのレベルの参加者も大歓迎です。初心者は、基礎漢字で使われる筆使いを学び、上級者は、ご自身のスキルを更に磨くことができます。

Shodo A: Mondays, January 29—April 9 (no 2/19)
2—3:45 PM | Instructor: Takemori

Shodo B: Mondays, January 29—April 9 (no 2/19)
4—5:45 PM | Instructor: Takemori

Class cancelled

Shodo C: Fridays, February 2—April 6
2—3:45 PM | Instructor: Barringer

Weekend Shodo: Saturdays, March 17—April 14
1:30—4:30 PM | Instructor: Barringer

Advanced Shodo: This class is designed for students who have an extensive experience. Students will create Haiku or Tanka poems using Japanese kana characters. You will practice Kaisho (printed) and Gyosho (semi-cursive) writing styles with Yojijukugo (four-character idioms) quoted from Senjimon (the Thousand Character Classic). Finished works will be displayed.

Wednesdays, January 31—April 4
2—3:45 PM | Instructor: Asai

Class cancelled

Shodo Supplies

It is highly recommended that you purchase your own brush to bring to class, although we also have brushes available to borrow (classroom use only). All other materials for the course (ink, paper, a felt pad, and a paperweight) are provided in class for classroom use only.


Sanae Asai is a licensed Japanese calligrapher (issued in 1996 by the Calligraphy Institute of Daitobunka University in Japan). She has taught calligraphy for 13 years in various schools and cultural institutes in the New York area, as well as at her own private studio.

Megumi Barringer, a licensed Japanese calligrapher since 1997 by Nihon Sogo Shogeiin in Japan, has taught calligraphy for 15 years in Japan and in Princeton, New Jersey. She teaches at Princeton Community Japanese Language School, Princeton University and at her own private studio.

Tsuyoshi Takemori has over 30 years of teaching experience in Japanese Calligraphy and has served as the Director of Calligraphy for the Kampo Cultural Center, Inc., in the US. Recently, he has worked at the Japan Calligraphy Center International, Inc. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Literature from Ryukyu University in Okinawa, Japan.
竹盛毅先生:30年以上に亘る経験を誇る書道家。米国における観峰文化センター、書道部門の ディレクターを務める。近年、日本書道国際センターにも籍を置く。沖縄県琉球大学文学部卒。

Please Note

Tuition is non-refundable and non-transferable (including for credit) for any reason after 12 pm, the business day before your class starts. All refunds are subject to a $20 service charge, including those requested by the deadline date. No partial registration or auditing is permitted. Please note that cancellations are accepted by phone or in person only. Cancellations via e-mail are not accepted.

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