Performing Arts

Introducing JS-ENCORE

JS-ENCORE is a new bi-weekly series of traditional and contemporary Japanese performances curated by Japan Society’s Artistic Director Yoko Shioya. Enjoy gems from our digital archives that celebrate Japanese performance! View the streaming schedule here:

April 17-May 1:
Hidetaro Honjoh: Hauta Shamisen: Edo-Period Love Songs
The Shamisen Session, Vol. 4: SAKISHIMA Meeting, Okiniwan duo

May 1-May 15:
The Shamisen Sessions, Vol. 1: Hiromitsu Agatsuma + Akiko Yano
The Shamisen Sessions, Vol. 3: A Salute to Tradition

May 15-May 29:
About Kazuo Ohno: Reliving the Butoh Diva’s Masterpieces
Fruits borne out of rust

May 29-June 12:
Godzilla Legend: Music of Akira Ifukube
Nihon Buyo Dance with live traditional music

Enjoy the hauntingly beautiful illusory duet in which Takao Kawaguchi copies the dances of the late butoh master Kazuo Ohno, along with the stunning Fruits borne out of rust, a collaboration between Japanese visual artist Tabaimo and award-winning choreographer Maki Morishita, online now through May 29:

About Kazuo Ohno: Reliving the Butoh Diva's Masterpieces (Sep. 2016)

Fruits borne out of rust (Mar. 2020)

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Treasures from Our Digital Archives

Reminisce with a trove of cherished past productions from our Japan Society stage, produced by the Seinendan Theater Company. View the streaming schedule here:

April 17-May 28:
Ronin Office Ladies
Robot Theater (a double-bill of Sayonara and I, Worker)

May 29-June 28:
Control Officers

Watch performances from Oriza Hirata and his Seinendan Theater Company, online now through May 28 (with English subtitles):

Robot Theater (Sayonara + I, Worker) (Feb. 2013)

Ronin Office Ladies (Mar. 2006)

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