Tea Time at Japan Society

A Conversation with Food Writer Akiko Katayama

November 11, 2020
Part of Tea Time at Japan Society

"Food is very important to discover culture and connect it to people," declares Akiko Katayama, the New York-based food writer and host of the weekly radio show and podcast JAPAN EATS! Akiko's formative experience with a German sausage and love for New York ultimately brought her to become one of the city's foremost experts on Japanese food. "Chefs are always living in the moment to make the best dish," notes Akiko, who was working in New York when 9/11 led her to become a food writer. The Japanese food boom began in the 1970s in New York, when the sushi roll was invented. From kaiseki to ramen to supermarket sushi, Japanese food is not just beloved by New Yorkers. Akiko's listeners hail from over 190 countries. "Japanese food and cuisine have contributed to a better understanding of Japan in the U.S.," says Akiko. "It all comes from nature, beginning with the fisherman and ending on the table." Her first book, A Complete Guide to Japanese Cuisine, was published in January.

Japan Society's Tea Time Season #2, celebrating the season of culture in Japan and U.S.-Japan cultural exchanges, is proudly supported by ITO EN (North America) INC.

Akiko Katayama
Food Writer & Columnist, Forbes.com

Akiko Katayama is a food writer and Forbes.com columnist based in New York City, and the host and producer of JAPAN EATS!, a weekly radio show and podcast on Heritage Radio Network, which introduces Japanese food culture to a global audience. She is a board member of Heritage Radio Network as the Host Representative, and a director of The New York Japanese Culinary Academy, which promotes a deeper understanding of Japanese cuisine in the U.S. Katayama has worked as culinary advisor to the Japanese government and consulted for companies in the food and beverage industry. She also has served as a culinary judge on Food Network’s Iron Chef America as well as on Netflix's The Final Table.


Japan Society’s Tea Time Season #2 is proudly supported by ITO EN (North America) INC.

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