Tea Time at Japan Society

A Conversation with Susan Miyagi McCormac

December 9, 2020
Part of Tea Time at Japan Society

Susan Miyagi McCormac, founder, editor, and writer of JapanCulture•NYC, discovered her lifelong passion for Japan in her late 20s. The child of an Okinawan mother and an American father, she grew up in North Carolina as 100% American. Today, she describes herself as "a born again Japanese American," a phrase coined by one of her friends, and "50% Okinawan, 100% American." A friend and member of Japan Society since 2001, Susan is literally at the heart of every Japanese community group in New York. She talks about exploring her bicultural heritage; the evolution of JapanCulture•NYC from a blog in 2006 to an online resource for all things Japan; and the inspiration behind Project Bento, providing support to seniors after JAA events were cancelled by the pandemic. "Our sense of community is even stronger than it was before the pandemic—because the pandemic has made us think and care about each other more." Susan's remarkable journey exemplifies the best of Japan in New York.

Japan Society's Tea Time Season #2, celebrating the season of culture in Japan and U.S.-Japan cultural exchanges, is proudly supported by ITO EN (North America) INC.

Susan Miyagi McCormac
Founder, Writer, Editor, JapanCulture•NYC

Susan Miyagi McCormac is the founder, writer, and editor for JapanCulture•NYC, an English-language resource for Japanese culture in New York, highlighting the people and activities of New York’s Japanese and Japanese American communities. She is Vice President and Secretary of The Japanese American Association of New York, an active member of the U.S.-Japan Council, a Board Member of the JET Alumni Association of New York, and an Advisory Board Member of the OIST Foundation.


Japan Society’s Tea Time Season #2 is proudly supported by ITO EN (North America) INC.

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