Japan Society Member Spotlight: Karen Garthe

Individual Member since 2012, Ms. Karen Garthe of Astoria has been enjoying many of the events that Japan Society has to offer, from performances to exhibitions, traditional to contemporary.

Recently, she participated in our noh workshop and demonstration with actor Yamai Tsunao. Her experience was so inspiring that she sent us a beautifully crafted and poetic letter. Here are some of her words:

"It was lovely watching the chorus of students sweep their fans like ginkgo leaves about the stage… Mr. Yamai wistfully speculated upon the future of noh and explained the various details of his costume without demystifying, without sacrificing a particle of noh dignity. He masterfully extended himself outward in the same breath in which he gathered and pulled close his character’s power and strength…a very great artist indeed.

As for the sublime Japan Society, your presentations, exhibitions, performances; the stunningly curated Little Boy exhibition; Deco Japan, that through pictures and objects, traversed the ‘growing pains’ of modernity on the entrenched codifications of Japan’s self-reliant island world; poetry readings; that very muscular and chic pianist’s tour de force to commemorate the Tsunami a couple of years ago… Japan Society is the jewel (pearl) at the edge of the city where the streets are wider, where it seems there’s more air and room to breathe."
Thank you for your kind words and feedback Karen! We are so glad to have you as a friend, and look forward to continuing to provide new experiences to Japan Society members.

Reproduced with permission by Karen Garthe.

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