Sakura - Spring Renews Beauty Blooms

Sakura — Spring Renews, Beauty Blooms

Presented in association with The Japan Foundation.

In conjunction with the New York and Washington, DC centennial celebrations of the gift of cherry trees from Japan, Japan Society will revel in what has become known to New Yorkers as a symbol of spring. This six-week-long series of programs is shaped around the many meanings and connotations of sakura, or cherry blossoms--the celebration of spring and beauty, rebirth, resilience, ephemerality and reflection on the one-year anniversary of the Great East Japan Earthquake. Sakura--Spring Renews, Beauty Blooms features live performances of centuries-old kabuki dance; a 10-part film series revealing the beauty of transience (mono no aware in Japanese); a discussion with architect Rem Koolhaas; a haiku workshop; and a Japanese confections discussion and workshop. The Sakura series culminates with Japan Society’s annual j-CATION all-day culture festival—12 hours of crafts, workshops, language classes, film screenings, live concerts, and a Japanese-style game show.

Sakura Events

As Cherry Blossoms Fall:
Films & Scenes of Sakura

March 23–April 14, 2012

Co-presented with The Japan Foundation.

This series aims at showing Japanese cinema’s transactions with the beauty of transience, commonly designated as mono no aware, and best illustrated by the flutter of falling cherry blossoms.

Sakura—Spring Renews, Beauty Blooms is presented in association with The Japan Foundation.


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