Anibiz: Anime Business Conference

Thursday, November 15, 11:30 AM 

Get the scoop on the latest trends in the world of anime, manga, streaming and more at this professional panel with keynote speaker, Kun Gao, founder of Crunchyroll, the world's largest destination for anime and manga. Hear from top-ranking speakers from major publishers and entertainment brands as they give an insider's perspective on the state of the industry, challenges, and emerging technologies and opportunities. The Anime Business Conference is for professionals working in marketing, licensing, publishing, and entertainment as well as anyone seeking to understand upcoming trends in Japanese pop culture. Full speaker list coming soon. 

Followed by a reception. 


Keynote – Keynote Address from Kun Gao
SPEAKER: Kun Gao (Founder, Crunchyroll)
Roundtable Discussion – “Shifting Trends in Consumption Habits”
In 15 years the internet has completely up-ended media consumption habits. Today’s teens, tomorrow’s adult consumers, have grown up in the a world where they have never not had instant online access to whatever content they want to consume. We’ll speak with media companies to find out how the market has changed, how they satisfy consumer demand today, and what they see on the horizon. Our panelists represent companies established in both the internet era and the physical media era.
SPEAKERS: Adam Sheehan (Director of Events, Crunchyroll), Kurt Hassler (Publisher & Managing Director, Yen Press)
Solo Talk – Presentation from Charlene Ingram
SPEAKER: Charlene Ingram (Anime Industry Veteran)
Roundtable Discussion – “Real-World Marketing (Conventions and IRL Events) for Media Companies”
How do media companies and digital media companies leverage real world events such as convention, screenings, and meet ups to better connect with their consumers? Our panelists have over four decades of combined experience operating and maneuvering IRL events to create stronger ties between media companies and consumers.
SPEAKERS: Adam Sheehan (Director of Events, Crunchyroll), Greg Topalian (CEO, Clarion UX and Leftfield Media), Ian Tingen (CEO, Power Level Productions)
Initial panelists listed here. Additional panelists to be added.
Co-organized by Anime NYC and Anime News Network. 


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