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East Asia: Opportunities and Challenges for U.S. Alliances

The U.S. alliance system has been the key to peace and prosperity in Asia since the end of World War II. Yet this system is being challenged today by both the rise of China and the downturn in relations between two key U.S. allies—South Korea and Japan. What are the implications of a prolonged period of estrangement between Japan and South Korea and how can this trend be reversed? How can the U.S. coordinate with its allies to shape the broader regional security architecture while maintaining cooperative relations with China? Join us as our experts discuss the power transition in East Asia as it relates to the opportunities and challenges in alliance management.

Professor Kiichi Fujiwara
, Professor, Graduate Schools for Law and Politics, University of Tokyo
Mr. Evans J.R. Revere
, Nonresident Senior Fellow, Center for East Asia Policy Studies, Brookings Institution & Former Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary of State.
Professor Kim Sung-han, Professor of International Relations, Korea University; Former Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs
Professor Donald S. Zagoria
, Senior Vice President, Project Director, Forum on Asia-Pacific Security, National Committee on American Foreign Policy

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