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Uki Uki NihonGO + Culture! - Lesson 18 - Audience Questions

NihonGO! Lesson #18 Q&A Part 4
Welcome to Uki Uki NihonGO! + Culture

Q.1 What are different ways to say goodbye in Japanese?

Casual level:

(jaane) or (matane) See you.

(baibai) Bye.

Polite level:

(doumo) or (sayounara) Goodbye.

(dewa mata) or (mata kondo) See you soon.

Respectful level:

(shitsurei shimasu), or (shitsurei itashimasu) Goodbye.

*If you are leaving before someone else does, you say  (osakini shitsurei shimasu.)

Q.2 What are the Japanese writing systems?

There are three writing systems we use in Japanese: Kanji, Hiragana and Katakana.

Kanji (??) is Chinese characters. It’s used for nouns (names of things, places) & Adj & verb stems, and Japanese names

e.g. desk, tree, friend, station, art museum, morning, Japanese people, I, express train

Hiragana is traditional Japanese characters. It’s used for Adj & verb endings for its flexibility to change forms. Importantly, particles are written in Hiragana.

e.g. I am Japanese.

My younger brother’s friend arrived at 8 o’clock.

Katakana is used for non-Japanese words, loan words from foreign languages

e.g. (English), (French) (Italian)

Guess what these are?

(concept), (potential), (present), (McDonalds)

Interesting Katakana words: (building), (beer), (home or platform)

Foreign countries: (Australia), (Italy), (Vietnam)

Non-Japanese names: (Smith), (Jennifer), (Lauren), (Chan)

Onomatopoeia words are also commonly written in Katakana.

They are often rhythmical words that vividly describe how you feel, how you are, and how you do things.

e.g. (heart pumping fast, nervous), (furious), (stare at someone rudely)

You can see all three of these in any given Japanese sentence.

e.g. I am American.

I have a Japanese exam tomorrow, so I’m nervous.

Pomeranians are fluffy and cute.

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