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Uki Uki NihonGO! Lesson 33 - Manga Words


Manga is an amazing story-telling medium as well as a great study tool.

First, what are some of the main elements of manga?

(purotto):plot or storyline
(kyara / kyarakuta-):characters
(fukidashi):speech bubbles
(monoro-gu):monologue, what the character’s thinking
(kaki moji):onomatopoeia and small texts outside speech bubbles
(koma wari):separating the space into panels
(rafu):rough sketch
(ne-mu):blueprint of manga usually done in pencil.
(pen ire): inking
(beta):filling in
(howaito):white ink for correction and highlights

Here are some major categories of manga based on the target audience.

(jidou manga):mainly for elementary school students
(shounen manga):mainly for elementary school to high school boys (e.g. Dragon Ball)
(shoujo manga):mainly for elementary school to high school girls (e.g. Sailor Moon)
(seinen manga):mainly for high school students and older

Here are main genres of manga

(gakuen manga):school
(gyagu manga):comedy
(suiri manga):detective, e.g. Case Closed
(supo-tsu manga):sports
(ren-ai manga):love stories
(fantaji- manga):fantasy
(esu efu manga):Sci-Fi
(hora- manga):horror
(ongaku manga):music
(ryouri manga):cooking
…and many more!

Pretty much every imaginable topic has been drawn as manga at some point! I hope you'll go check out some for yourself.

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