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Uki Uki NihonGO! Lesson 35 - Common Mistakes 2

Previously, the "Common Mistakes 1" in the Lesson 6 video discussed how not to address someone using (anata).

Today, we’re going to look at the common problem involving adjective rules. A full explanation is available in the Lesson 30 video.

Japanese has i adjective and na adjective groups, which follow separate rules. Confusing them sounds grammatically incorrect and awkward. Let's learn the correct ways to use them.

Here are some example sentences. Can you spot the mistakes?

Yesterday's dinner was so delicious.
(Kinou no bangohan wa sugoku oishii deshita.)

The movie "Jungle Book" was interesting.
(Janguru bukku no eiga wa omoshiroi deshita.)

My Japan trip was very good.
(Nihon ryokou wa totemo ii deshita.)

The problem is the past tense of i adjective sentences. The correct use is kattadesu instead of deshita:

(Kinou no bangohan wa sugoku oishikatta desu.)
(Janguru bukku no eiga wa omoshirokatta desu.)
(Nihon ryokou wa totemo yokatta desu.)

How about these?

Today's homework is not difficult.
(Kyou no shukudai wa muzukashii janai desu.)

That restaurant isn't too expensive.
(Ano resutoran wa amari takai janai desu.)

My teacher is not scary.
(Sensei wa kowaikunai desu.)

It's not cold today.
(Kyou wa samuikunai desu.)

To correct these, you need to drop the final i and put kunaidesu for the present negative of i adjectives:

(Kyou no shukudai wa muzukashikunai desu.)
(Ano resutoran wa amari takakunai desu.)
(Sensei wa kowakunai desu.)
(Kyou wa samukunai desu.)

Be careful when you use adjectives in Japanese to avoid these common mistakes.

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