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Waku Waku Japanese - Language Lesson 48: Tea

When exploring and learning about Japanese culture, you're sure to run into this one particular drink that is served at almost all meals. It's tea, ocha! In Japan there's even art forms and ways of life devoted to tea such as "Sadou" and "Senchadou" (way of tea). While many of you have probably tried and experienced green tea in it's various forms, here's a lesson to help with any confusion and provide a better understanding of the wide variety of tea there is. So go try out some of these different types of teas and remember their Japanese names!

Ocha - tea

Sadou / senchadou - way of tea / tea ceremony

Ocha wo nomu - to drink tea

Ocha wo ireru - to brew tea

Maccha wo tateru - preparing tea (whisking powder tea and hot water)

Maccha - type of green tea (often in powder form)

Sencha - tea leaves

Bancha - green tea (made from out of season tea leaves, lower quality)

Genmaicha - roasted brown rice mixed with green tea leaves

Houjicha - roasted green tea leaves

Mugicha - barley tea

Ryokucha - "Japanese tea" (green tea)

Koucha - western black tea (lit. red tea)

Hakucha - white tea (Chinese teas)


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