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Waku Waku Japanese - Lesson 43: Dress Up

With the changing of seasons comes the changing of one's wardrobe! To help demonstrate this change of clothing, we're going to play dress up with our very own kisekae ningyou (paper doll)! While the Japanese language does borrow some words for articles of clothing from Western countries, there are a variety of words that even make distinctions on the area of the body the clothing is being worn. So pay close attention and when you're preparing your wardrobe for the cooler temperatures, remember these words!

Kisekae ningyou - paper doll (used in "dress up")

Kisekae - change clothing (play dress up)

Kiseru - to make someone/something wear

Kaeru - to change clothing

Hazukashii - embarrass

Shitagi - underwear

Fuku - clothing

Youfuku - Western style clothing

Wafuku - traditional Japanese clothing

Minzoku ishou - one's home country's traditional dress

Shatsu - tops/shirts

Shatsu wo kiru - to wear a shirt

Sode - sleeves

Naga sode - long sleeves

Han sode - short sleeves

Sode wo toosu - (expression) first time wearing an article of clothing (lit. pass your arm through your sleeve

Zubon - pants

Naga zubon - pants that reach the ankles

Han zubon - shorts

Pantsu uriba wa doko desu ka? - where are the panties sold?

Suka-to - skirt

Suka-to/zubon wo haku - to wear a skirt/pants

Kutsu - shoes

Kutsushita - socks

Kutsushita/kutsu wo haku - to wear socks/shoes

Uwagi - outerwear

Haoru - to wear (outerwear)

Uwagi wo haoru - to wear outerwear (jacket)

Kaze hikanaidene~! - don't catch a cold!

So when you get dressed each morning, try to remember some of these words!

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Jikai mo otanoshimi ni, mata ne!

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