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Waku Waku Japanese - Lesson 45: My Hometown

Let's say you travel to Japan and make new Japanese friends. I'm sure they will be really curious about where you're from, and what it's like there. In this lesson, Erin talks about how to introduce your hometown, and what is wonderful about it. You might even be able to convince your new Japanese friends to come visit you sometime!

NY kara kimashita- I came from NY

NY wa tokai desu- NY is an urban city

Inaka- rural

Meibutsu- what a place is known for

NY no meibutsu wa pizza desu- NY is known for pizza

Oishii pizza ga yasuku de taberemasu- You can eat good pizza for cheap

Kankou spot- tourist attraction

Osusume- my recommendation

NY no osusume kankou spot wa Yankee Stadium desu- My recommended tourist attraction is the Yankee Stadium

Hokanimo- In addition

Hokanimo Met bijutsukan ya MoMA nado mo arimasu- There's also the Met and the MoMA

Zehi kondo asobini kite kudasai- Please come by next time

Asobini iku- Go play
Asobini Kuru- Come play (implies going on a trip)

Watashi ga annai shimasu

Zehi kondo Japan Society ni asobini kite kudasai

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Jikai mo otanoshimi ni, mata ne!

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