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Waku Waku Japanese - Lesson 50: Conjunctions

We might not realize it, but we use conjunctions all the time in our conversations. These connector words help make our sentences flow and allow us to add some complexity to our speech. So with that in mind, today's lesson has Erin teaching us some useful conjunctions (or "setsuzokushi") in Japanese. These are just the basics, so feel free to explore more in depth at these useful words between sentences.

Setsuzokushi - conjunction (connector words)

Ashita tomodachi no tanjoubi desu. Dakara Prezento wo kaimashita. - tomorrow is my friend's birthday. So/Thus I bought a present.

Dakara - so/thus

Ashita tomodachi no tanjoubi desu. Keredomo mada purezento wo katteimasen. - tomorrow is my friend's birthday. But, I still have not bought a present.

Keredomo (demo) - but

Ashita tomodachi no tanjoubi desu. Tsumari prezento wo kawanaito ikemasen.
- tomorrow is my friend's birthday. In other words, I have to buy a present.

Tsumari - which means/in other words

Ashita tomodachi no tanjoubi desu. Tokorode purezento wo kaimashitaka?
- Tomorrow is our friend's birthday. By the way, have you bought a present yet?

Tokorode - by the way/well

Purezento wa fuku matawa saifu ni shiyou to omoimasu. - I'm thinking of either clothing or a purse.

Matawa - or

Ashita tomodachi no tanjoubi desu. Sarani, raishuu wa chichi no tanjoubi desu.
- Tomorrow is my friend's birthday. Moreover, next week's my dad's birthday.

Sarani - moreover

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Jikai mo otanoshimi ni, mata ne!

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